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    B1 or B2 Engineer – ATR72-600

    Project description:

    Job Overview

    • Below is a global job overview with details of the job nature and location.
      • Job Title: B1 or B2 Engineer ATR72- 600
      • Number of Profiles requested: 6
      • Type of contract: temporary contract
      • Duration : 8 months
      • Trial Period: N/A
      • Location: Tehran, Iran
      • Starting Date: May 2nd (4 people) and June 1st (2 people), 2017
      • English speaking requested
      • Salary, bonuses and per diem to be precised by client
      • Schedule : night and weekend shifts possible

    Job Description

    • The candidates will be on board from France to Iran and will them run line maintenance and night stop tasks.

    Required Skills

    • Below is a list of skills required by Employer to perform the Job as per the above description:
      • Part.66 EASA B1 or B2 Licensed Engineer
      • The profile must have a Part.66 EASA B1 or B2 license, qualified ATR 72-600
      • HF, EWIS CDCCL and Part 145 certifications required
      • Technical english required
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    Job Status :
    Job posted on: 14/04/2017
    Country : Iran

    Skills required: