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    Airworthiness Manager

    Project description:

    We are a Belgian company specialised in survey and aerial photography operations according to the EASA and Belgian CAA requirements and law conditions. The flight operations executed  are the specialized commercial non-complex (SPO-NCC) operations for photography and surveying and are governed by Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 on air operations, amended/ completed by Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 on air operations with Part-SPO.

    Our flight operations are complementary to our core-business activities (Photogrammetry, Lidar, Remote Sensing and GIS engineering services). For your information:

    • ·    we dispose/ use 3 aircrafts:2x Cessna 404 & 1 x Piper Chieftain PA31.350 registered in Belgium;
    • ·  our crew: 3 navigators (operators of photogrammetric equipment) + 6-8 freelance pilots
    • · the aerial surveying activity is seasoning activity, organized in general from November to May or Middle-June
    • ·      in general we have an total of 400 to 500 (maximum) flights hours/ year;
    • ·      our flight operations are organized/ manager in/ from Belgium headquarters and we execute flying mission only in the European countries (BE, NL, DE, FR, SK, BG, HU)

    We looking for a freelance part-time collaboration for Airworthiness Manager function. Immediate availability. Due to our reduced fleet and seasoning flight activity the time occupation for the requested position must be adapted to our organization and our field of activity.