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    Oct 7 th, 2016
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    Partnership between Hubworkair and Wemind!

    We are happy to celebrate our partnership with Wemind.


    Signed during the month of October 2016, this partnership reflects our ongoing mission to provide independent professionals with the best services.

    This partnership is based on our shared conviction that freedom, self-fulfillment and responsibility are the future of work.

    We’re big fans of worker-owned cooperatives. Hubworkair and Wemind bring you the coverage you need for your freelance life.


    Wemind brings benefits to French freelancers.

    We offer a great comprehensive package :

    Wemind Care : great health and revenue insurance

    Wemind Home : Collaborative Housing guarantee

    Wemind Benefits : Discounts on lifestyle and professional products

    Wemind also gives access to a community sharing the same values and to helpful events for work and life.

    The product will be launched in a few months. For now, the more we are, the better negotiations will be ! Registration is free and without obligations =>