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    Jun 2 nd, 2016
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    Partnership between Hubworkair and Cadres en Mission!

    We are happy to celebrate our partnership with the French Umbrella company, Cadres en Mission.

    Cadres en mission - Logo

    Signed during the month of May 2016, this partnership reflects our ongoing mission to provide independent professionals with the best services.

    This partnership is based on our shared conviction that we can match skilled talents with challenging projects in aviation.

    We combine our strengths with both independent contractual support and business introducer services. We also combine our networks to provide you with more business opportunities.

    Our objective is also to promote the contractor status in the aeronautical sector.


    Cadres en Mission, one of the best French “Société de portage”.

    Enabling experts to carry out work assignments for businesses with the status of an employee is the purpose of Cadres en Mission since 1999.

    With high reactivity and flexibility, Cadres en Mission offers solutions to talents to:

    • Focus on their core business
    • Save time on administrative and management tasks.
    • Research and set-up new projects.


    Reduced fees with the Hubworkair partnership.

    For Hubworkair Talents willing to become independent through an umbrella company, we offer reduced fees with our brand new partner, Cadres en Mission.

    A simple process to start working with your customers within 48 hours:

    1. Register an account on Hubworkair and contact us to benefit from reduced fees.
    2. Provide your basic administrative information to register with Cadres en Mission.
    3. Cadres en Mission becomes the contractual interface for any mission with any customer.