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    Online Video Interviews now available!

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    Our team selects best matching talents for online interviews

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    Talents record their answers from any smartphone or computer

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    Employers play videos to review answers

    Increase flexibility in hiring process with online video interviews

    How it works:

    Offering efficient, user-friendly recruitment tools is key to delivering a great service to our talents and our customers. That’s why we developed an online interview system, to help our clients identify the best talents for their companies and  to improve their experience of working with us. For the top 3 talents identified through our matching algorithm, a first online interview can be set up.

    – We use an automated online video interview to identify the perfect match between employers and talents

    – We define and customize 6 questions according to our customers specific need and to reflect their companies.

    – Top 3 Talents found through our matching algorithm will be recorded while answering the questions, only once, within an allocated time.

    – The interviews are in English, and sent to our customers.

    Added Value:

    These interviews replicates a first face to face/phone interview in a faster and easier way :

     – Time saving: No need to schedule anything, candidates have a few days to run the interview, which is sent to the Employer.

     – Anticipation: Employers meet the candidates earlier in the process : get a deeper understanding of their personality, experiences and motivation, and save time and money !

     – Flexibility: Talents are able to proceed the interview whenever and wherever you want within the allocated days (60% of online videos interviews are recorded during the evening or during the week-end). Customers can view as many times as you want the video and with all the colleagues you want.