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    First Matching Algorithm in Aviation !

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    How it works:

    We  developed our own matching algorithms to speed up the matching process between the Employer’s job requirements and the Talents information (Profile / Salary / Availability).

    Our idea is to build a strong community of aviation talents who can perfectly meet the employers expectations for Freelance or Employee business opportunities.

    We internally designed strong and flexible algorithms with all elements related to the specific sector of aviation (see specifications).


    – These are a one-of-a-kind algorithms in aviation and they allow both employers and talents to quickly identify the perfect match.

    – Inspired from the dating sites, we provide a wide range of parameters to measure with high precision the matching percentage between a job and a talent.

    – Our platform is expanding quickly and our algorithms adapt themselves to the size of the database. So we can guarantee our customers that our talent acquisition team will always be able to provide swiftly candidates profiles for a specific job request.