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    Co-opt a friend and earn 500 € !



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    Co-opt a friend for a job



    Get 500€ when the talent is hired

    Be rewarded when you help us find the perfect candidate for a project ! 

    The entire Hubworkair community can make money with the co-optation !

    How it works:

    Anyone in the aviation sector can become a headhunter. Our idea is to build a strong community of aviation talents who help each other to find the best temporary or permanent job, anywhere on the planet. You can use your personal or professional network.

    – When you’ll click the “Co-opt” green button, your friend will receive the details of the job opportunity and he will be able to apply to the job directly on our platform.

    – Each candidate co-opted must be validated by our experts. Once the profile is verified, our expert will send it directly to the customer.

    – If the talent co-opted is hired by the client, we’ll pay you a 500€ commission for your help.


    A couple of conditions apply during the co-optation process:

    – You don’t need to have your own company to earn the 500€. We’ll send you the money by transfer wire, directly to your personal bank account, within 30 days after the candidate is hired.

    – You can co-opt any friend or a colleague, even if they already have a Talent account on Hubworkair.

    – If several people co-opt the same talent for one job, only the first co-optation will get rewarded with the 500 € co-optation.

    See all details in the Terms and Conditions.