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    • Engine Expert Ashbourne, Derby, UK
    • Annual Asset Audit Inspector
    • Engine Condition Monitoring
    • Engine Expert
    • Engine Expert Witness
    • Engine Mid Term Audits
    • Engine Overhaul Management
    • Engine Selection Analysis Expert
    • Engine Shop Invoice Review


    I was initially trained by Rolls- Royce and became their first female technical service representative based in Luton, England and Tel Aviv, Israel.  

    I subsequently joined Air 2000/ First Choice as a Powerplant Engineer and then moved to bmi as Powerplant Manager. By the time she left, I was General Manager of Technical Support.

    Since 2002, I have been a consultant, offering Powerplant Asset Management Support to Airlines & Lessors. I have extensive experience in the engine industry including financial management, technical support and contract negotiations.

    I provide services : expert witness, contract negotiations, engine life-time cost reviews, pre-purchase and mid-term audits/ inspections, engine overhauls, on-wing engine management, delivery and redelivery support as well as the selection/purchasing of aircraft engines.


    • Talent not verified yet
    • Experience: 28 years
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Country: UK