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    • MRO Technical Service Engineer Berlin, Germany
    • Aircraft and Engine Review
    • Airworthiness Management Expert
    • Engine Engineer
    • Engine Overhaul Management
    • Line Maintenance Management
    • Maintenance Control Center Engineer
    • Quality Engineer
    • Technical Author and Writer


    I have result oriented experience in Aviation for 4.6 years (Aircraft maintenance, repair & overhaul), exposed me to nuances of the aerospace industry in terms of repair techniques and manufacturing processes used on aero engines. I have been closely working with one of the top 3 manufacturers of aero engines, primarily on their engines used on business jets. My job role required me to delve deep into design drawings, solution documents and the basic frameworks of engine design in order to give a repair solution for potential defects that may occur in future as well as the defects currently at hand.

    I am assigned in Rolls Royce Dahlewitz Germany as a Contractor on behalf of QuEST GmbH from where I was responsible for coordinating the workflow from off shore to onsite. This position of responsibility requires me to be in close proximity with the customer, analyze their queries and give a quick and effective response thereby ensuring smooth flow of work. This assignment has given me the unique opportunity to interact with individuals of various cultures and has thus helped me mature on a whole new dimension.

    Apart from the core technical skills that have been mentioned above, what I bring to the table is this; a willingness to learn, the strength to never give up and the humility to accept my shortcomings and learn from experiences.


    • Talent not verified yet
    • Experience: 5 years
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Country: Germany