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    • Aircraft Maintenance Instructor Paris, France
    • B1.1 Licensed Engineer - Part66 - A310 Type Rating (PW 4000)
    • B1.1 Licensed Engineer - Part66 - A320 Type Rating (CFM56)
    • B1.1 Licensed Engineer - Part66 - B757 Type Rating (RR RB211)
    • B1.1 Licensed Engineer - Part66 - EMB135/145 Type Rating (AE3007A)
    • B2 Licensed Engineer - Part66 - EMB135/145 Type Rating (AE3007A)



    After thirty years, in the aeronautical world, occupying different positions, Aircraft engineer, or managing a group of persons to ensure a dry leasing operation of an aircraft, has made me grow each time as a person.

    Twelve years as Instructor gave me the opportunity to learn in different ways, technical knowledges, relationship with our students and teammates, ensuring all responsibilities of a daily work where every day I gave the best of me.

    I feel ready to move on, accepting challenges, fully motivated to accept new responsibilities, in a new position and duties in the aeronautical world that I love so much. I’m sure that it will not be easy, but without effort savings I’ll success.



    • Talent not verified yet
    • Experience: 30 years
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Country: France