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    • Repair Engineer Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Compliance Verification Engineer
    • Customer Service
    • Engine Engineer
    • Methods Consultant
    • Technical Author and Writer


    I am currently working as a Repair Engineer in a MRO which is currently developing and expanding its Repair Capabilities, my duties involve Repair Development for GE F110, Pratt & Whitney F100 and Rolls-Royce T-56 Engines. I am also involved in support for the Repair Shops (Thermal spray/ Machine /Grinding/Welding/Bench Repair/Shot Peening/Component Test) for any Technical Support or for troubleshooting for the various Machinery by interaction with the different OEMs.

    My previous experience working as a Repair Engineer for QuEST Global gave me 6 years of experience in Repair Engineering field, I worked on the Technical Variance and Repair Development Team supporting the Rolls-Royce Civil Large Engine (RB211 and Trent) projects. I was also awarded the First Level Signatory from Rolls-Royce engineering for approval of Technical Variances, Revision to Manual and Repair Definitions. My expertise in Repair Engineering makes me a great addition to your team.


    • Talent not verified yet
    • Experience: 8 years
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Country: Saudi Arabia