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    • Independent Aviation Consultant Nîmes, France
    • Airworthiness review certificates
    • Annual Asset Audit Inspector
    • Interim Executive Management
    • Part M Auditor
    • Physical Inspector
    • Prebuy Inspection Expert
    • Record Inspector
    • Repossessions
    • Technical Director
    • Working Party Representative


    My expertise list:

    • Aircraft Records checking.
    • Working Party Representative in Manufacturers for new aircraft, in MRO’s during C Checks, Aircraft Repossession, Aircraft Paint, Modifications, Cabin Outfitting’s….
    • Aircraft Repossession.
    • Airworthiness follow-up (CAMO).
    • Establishment of CAMO Dept.
    • Maintenance Program studies.
    • ARC Review.
    • Aircraft pre-buy inspection and aircraft physical surveys.
    • Sales and lease technical negotiations.
    • On and off wing engine management.
    • Maintenance contract negotiations.
    • Maintenance facilities and sub-contractors selections.
    • Maintenance records audit & summary.
    • Aircraft registration/deregistration
    • Ferry Flight permits.
    • Aviation Expert for Insurance, Companies, individuals (Technical Expert for two accidents).
    • Audit for Maintenance Control Manual (MCM), Quality Manual, Safety Management System Manual (SMS), Maintenance Program, Continuing Airworthiness Exposition (CAME) manual & Minimum Equipment List (MEL) for Civil Aviation.
    • EASA Part 145 & Part M instructor.
    • Advises for airlines, MRO’s, airports,… Those services worldwide. 


    • Verified Talent
    • Recommandation : 1
    • Experience: 24 years
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Country: France