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    The Team

    Romain ROCHET
    Yoann HUANG
    Romain FOLLET

    Baptiste VIALA
    Front End Developer
    Account Manager
    Emmanuelle PEN
    Account Manager

    Business Developer
    Aliénor CHENIN
    Business Developer
    Pierre-Alexandre DESCOTTES
    Business Developer

    Corentin TIROLIEN
    Business Developer
    Marie-Pierre BEAUPARLANT
    Talents Acquisition Coach


    Marc ROCHET
    CEO – Air Caraïbes
    Mourad MAJOUL
    CEO – Avico
    Philippe ROCHET
    COO – Sabena Technics
    Jérôme CAZADE
    President & CEO – Juraero Inc.
    Dominique GRETZ
    Director – Aérogestion
    Samuel NEMOZ
    Direct Sales Manager – Jet Aviation


    Alain CHAPGIER
    Air Transport Consultant
    Matthieu DUROUCHOUX
    Operations Manager – SAFRAN Aircraft Engines
    Philippe GIRARD
    MS Director – ISAE / HEC
    Gérard JOLLY
    Independent Consultant
    Laurent LE MINH LOC
    CEO – Regio Lease
    Philippe WALLET
    Former Director – AFI
    Corentin DENOEUD
    CEO & CO-Founder – Wijet
    Damien LAUNOY
    Investment Manager – Generis Capital
    Jacques Charles Flandin
    Honorary President – BADGE
    Patrick Selosse
    President – PM initiatives


    French umbrella company

    Enabling experts to carry out work assignments for businesses with the status of an employee is the purpose of Cadres en Mission since 1999.

    Cadre En Mission is a French umbrella company. They offer solutions to Companies and Talents needing reactivity and flexibility that respond to: 

    • Focus on their core business and externalize specific fonctions
    • Deal with management needs during projects
    • Set-up new projects

    It is in this fast growing market that Cadres en Mission positions itself as a leader in the industry. 

    Online flight-sharing platform

    COAVMI is an online flight-sharing platform, where private pilots offer empty seats in their planes for everyone to enjoy. Flight sharing consists in connecting private pilots and passengers willing to do the same trip and share the fees.

    COAVMI aims at generalising the access to private aviation and allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of flight sharing.

    Thanks to COAVMI, pilots share their flight expenses and passengers can benefit from a more flexible, fast, original, fascinating trip, and at a very reasonable price!

    Have a great flight!

    Benefits for French freelancers

    We believe freedom, self-fulfillment and responsibility are the future of work. That’s why we offer a great comprehensive package :

    Wemind Care : great health and revenue insurance
    Wemind Home : Collaborative Housing guarantee
    Wemind Benefits : Discounts on lifestyle and professional products
    Wemind also gives access to a community sharing the same values and to helpful events for work and life.

    The product will be launched in a few months. For now, the more we are, the better negotiations will be ! Registration is free and without obligations.

    Online French Accountant

    ECL Direct is the leading French company in the online accounting. The company provides to the freelancer talents a comprehensive support to facilitate the creation of your company.

    Our lawyers and experts give you the keys to make the good choices (Legal form, monthly accounting, tax options…). In summary, we combine accounting, personalized advice and software technology.

    ECL Direct is a dynamic team that accompanies the entrepreneurial success of more than 3,000 customers (see flyer).

    Rated Recruitment
    Compare Recruitment Agencies

    Airline, Aviation & Airport job search with recruitment agency reviews.

    As an aviation job search candidate it’s hard to know which recruitment agency will be most suitable to provide your first or next aviation job or airport contracts – there are so many, where do you start? Rated Recruitment was set up as just that a starting point as you set out to choose the right aviation recruitment agency for you. Here you can see how other candidates rate agencies they’ve worked with, giving a real insight from people in the same position as you.

    French Air Force Academy Association

    AEA is the association for on duty and retired officers graduated from the French Air Force Academy

    AEA put members and their families in touch with the organisations best placed to help them with the information, advice and support they need – employability, financial aid, mutual support, personal relationships and more.

    AEA allows Hubworkair to share their database of employment opportunities to the members who are looking for a job in civil aviation.

    Feel free to contact us :

    Call us at : +33 (0) 1 79 75 28 52

    HUBWORKAIR, a company organised and existing under the laws of France,

    having its registered office at 5 Avenue du Général de Gaulle 94160 Saint-Mandé, France,

    under registration number 818 822 439 00027

    Meet our team