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    Jul 11 th, 2016
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    Partnership between Hubworkair and Coavmi!

    Coavmi Partner


    Did you know that thousands of private pilots fly everyday just above our heads?

    In fact, there are more than 300 000 private pilots in Europe. They fly everyday, not through the famous airlines, but in smaller airplanes, with up to 4 to 6 seats and often with empty seats. They have full access to hundreds of airports and air-fields. It becomes easier to go on holiday or just for a quick trip, don’t you think? Pilots’ dearest wish is to fly more, but unfortunately becoming a pilot is far too expensive given the exorbitant price of the license, and the obligation of flying regularly in order to keep the latter.


    This is why we founded COAVMI!

    An online flight-sharing platform, where pilots offer empty seats in their planes for everyone to enjoy. Flight sharing consists in connecting private pilots and passengers willing to do the same trip and share the fees.

    COAVMI aims at generalising the access to private aviation and allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of flight sharing.

    Thanks to COAVMI, pilots share their flight expenses and passengers can benefit from a more flexible, fast, original, fascinating trip, and at a very reasonable price!

    It is also possible to book only a short return trip or jaunt, coming back at your departure point. It can be a new leisure experience, close to where you live or where you spend your holidays.

    If you also think COAVMI is a great idea, signup on, flight sharing platform. Hey! You can also follow Coavmi on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Share it with your friends!


    Have a great flight!